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I agree with George Bernard Shaw – “there is no sincerer love than the love of food,” and this is what ultimately led to the creation of Comfortably Hungry.

It is a passion that has fuelled many before me from the Roman gourmet Marcus Gavius Apicius to the ever popular Victorian, Mrs Beeton. I find the culinary endeavours of past cooks, chefs and food writers truly fascinating. Their recipes are a constant source of inspiration for this blog and my historically themed supper club, Repast.

Comfortably Hungry is about having an appetite for the good things in life, like wonderful seasonal produce, without over indulging too much or too often (the occasional dalliance from this rule can be forgiven). Whilst not all of my posts will have a historic theme (although even yesterday’s dinner is history by tomorrow) I hope you will enjoy my recipes, reviews and occasional musing about an issue that gets my goat.

May you also remain comfortably hungry and looking for dinner!


Sam Bilton

I am not a ‘qualified’ chef nor am I a ‘qualified’ historian. What I lack in paper qualifications I make up for in enthusiasm and passion for my ‘chosen’ subjects – food and history.

I am an excellent cook (there’s no room for modesty in this game) and have reached an age where I can legitimately say I have been cooking for most of my life. I have done the odd cookery course at places like Le Manoir but basically I have learnt my skills ‘on the job’ cooking for family and friends.

I also adore history (all the more so if it’s connected to food) and I touched on food history during my MA in Culinary Arts at the University of Brighton. This by no means makes me an academic but I do have a thirst for knowledge. According to my family, I own a ridiculous amount of food related books and I will invariably have my nose in one whether I am cooking from it or not.

Plus as a member of the Guild of Food Writers I can also claim to be a bonafide food writer.